Journey So Far

Journey So Far

From 11 July 1946 till date, every moment has been about crossing new milestones. The journey so far has been about quality, value, performance, innovation and excellence. Bright Brothers honours its past, changes with the times and arms itself for the future.

The timeline from 1946 till this very moment is the inspiration to move forward.

1946 - Establishment of Bright Brothers by Late T. W. Bhojwani and friends.

Started operations by marketing fabricated products from Acrylic sheets which included desk accessories, desk calendars, umbrella handles etc.

1948 - Introduced injection moulding in India and manufactured consumer products such as combs, cups, saucers etc.

The company started marketing these products under the brand name ‘Brite’, positioning the brand as ‘You’re right with Brite’ and subsequently ‘I trust Brite’.

1950 – 1970 The Company achieved tremendous fame and recognition for its durable and quality products, which are leading brands in the Indian market, particularly Brite buckets, ‘Keep Fresh’ Containers and Brite ‘Gold Seal’ combs.

1980 onwards - The industrial revolution that powered immense opportunities across various sectors expanded the company’s focus to industrial plastics where engineering was involved.

2000 - The Company now occupies a leading space in supplying plastic components to the White Goods (e.g. washing machines and refrigerators) industry as well as supplying material handling products (e.g. crates and pallets) to the food packaged industry.

2008 - The generation-next forces of Bright Brothers today aims to expand the proprietary range of products and create new product segments. Brand Divo, a high end hair care brand is the first step of the vision of the new age.